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Rio – The Wonderful City

“O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo” – Rio is still beautiful, the song amazingly sang by Gilberto Gil in ‘Aquele Abraço’ – A Big Hug – tells a lot about the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro. If you haven’t been there yet, you should, as Rio is a wonderful place from where you can start your journey exploring this great Country.

I am from Sao Paulo, in the Southeast of Brazil, but I never hid my love for Rio de Janeiro and my dislike for Sao Paulo. Rio is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the World, although I don’t really know what is so special about it.2014-12-11-21-18-06

It might be the uncertainty, the relief, the contrast between the rich and the poor slapping us on our face or the amazing coast landscape. Whatever it is, you have to be there to find out by yourself. I don’t like everything in or about Rio, but what I love about it is exactly the impossibility to describe what it is to be in Rio.

I know and I agree with anyone that there are many other great and wonderful places to visit in the globe and that most of them might have an incredible and unique beauty,  but there is nothing like Rio. Nothing that you could compare Rio with. Rio grows on you and once it gets into your heart it will be there forever, trust me.

If you are careful and streetwise enough to know how to behave in Brazil, where to go, what to say, ‘in Portuguese preferably’ and don’t take safety for granted, you will be okay in Rio and you will want to visit it many and many times in your life.2014-12-16-21-34-51

There are a few theories for the origin of the name of the city. Some historians say that it was named Rio de Janeiro (River of January), because when the explorers went from Bahia to Rio they arrived on the 1st of January 1502, which is actually in the register, and they thought that Guanabara Bay was a river and not part of the sea. Others don’t believe that, so there are other explanations. I like this theory, so I will stick with it, until someone proves something different.

I try to go to Rio once a year and know quite well the do(s) and don’t(s) of this big city, but instead of writing a big list of what you do and don’t do I would like to sumary it in two lines:

Do enjoy yourself with all the fun you can have


Don’t do anything silly.

(Edinaldo E. Santo)


Here it is the video from youtube:

“Aquele Abraço” By Gilberto Gil

The lyric:

Aquele Abraço
Gilberto Gil

O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo
O Rio de Janeiro continua sendo
O Rio de Janeiro, fevereiro e março

Alô, alô, Realengo
Aquele abraço!
Alô torcida do Flamengo
Aquele abraço

Chacrinha continua
Balançando a pança
E buzinando a moça
E comandando a massa
E continua dando
As ordens no terreiro

Alô, alô, seu Chacrinha
Velho guerreiro
Alô, alô, Terezinha
Rio de Janeiro
Alô, alô, seu Chacrinha
Velho palhaço
Alô, alô, Terezinha
Aquele abraço!

Alô, moça da favela
Aquele abraço!
Todo mundo da Portela
Aquele abraço!
Todo mês de fevereiro
Aquele passo!
Alô Banda de Ipanema
Aquele abraço!

Meu caminho pelo mundo
Eu mesmo traço
A Bahia já me deu
Régua e compasso
Quem sabe de mim sou eu
Aquele abraço!
Pra você que me esqueceu
Aquele abraço!
Alô Rio de Janeiro
Aquele abraço!
Todo o povo brasileiro
Aquele abraço!



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