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Brazilian author to read this month.

A Brazilian Author you should read regardless if you are learning Portuguese or not is Paulo Coelho (Paul Rabbit). He is one of my favourite authors despite the Brazilian critics being regularly condemning his work. He has been translated into so many languages that probably even he doesn’t know how many anymore.

A book I would recommend you to start with either in Portuguese (Brazilian or European) or any other language you speak is the novel ‘The alchemist‘ (O Alquimista). To read it in Portuguese you should have a level of at least higher Intermediate, otherwise you won’t understand the most important parts of the book. alchemist

Paulo Coelho has a popular approach in his writings, therefore it is easy to understand and digest what he writes, making him a popular choice in Brazil, but not so popular with the critics, who generally don’t consider his novels good literature.

He generally writes one book per year and you can find e-books online to download for free, including from his personal website: PauloCoelhoWebsite . I didn’t find the Alchemist for download for free, but I found 5 other books on his site.

He is also very open minded about people copying and distributing his work for free, as long as people read what ho-alquimistae writes and are sharing because they like it and not for profit.

So, if you are looking for a good book to read in your language or in Brazilian Portuguese, why not start with ‘The Alchemist’? Anyway, even if you start with any of the free e-books from his site you won’t regret it. If you do, choose ‘Manuscript found in Accra‘ or ‘Brida‘. You can download the full book (livro completo), if you choose Brida.

Edinaldo E. Santo

(professor de língua portuguesa – London Lessons )


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