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Brazilian film you should watch

The film TrashHope Comes From rubbish (A Esperança Vem do Lixo), 2014 is a great film you should watch. The plot is great and the main characters were extremely well played.

If you are learning Brazilian Portuguese, it will help you, if you watch it with subtitles, unless if you don’t need them, but try not choose English.

You can choose the language for the subtitles, so those who can not speak Portuguese at all can have subtitles in English or in another language, but my advice for those learning Portuguese is to have the subtitles in Portuguese, if any, if you have at least an intermediate level in the language.

To set the subtitles can be a quite tricky, so click on ‘settings’ at the bottom-right of the screen, choose Portuguese and good luck, as I managed to get the subtitles once and then not anymore.

Depending on the region on your laptop, you should be able to watch it on Netflix with subtitles as well, if you have Netflix of course.

Let us know afterwards if you enjoyed the film.

Trash -Hope comes from rubbish Trash- A esperança vem do lixo


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